As part of our YMCA Youth and Government programming, the Kentucky YMCA also offers our students winter and summer leadership development conferences, a year-long service-learning program, youth advocacy experiences, and the opportunity to represent Kentucky at national Youth and Government conferences.


Leadership Development Conferences

Our winter (GFI) and summer (LTC) leadership development conferences give students the opportunity to take part in personal leadership development while part of a family group of their peers:

  • Go For It Conference | GFI
  • Leadership Training Conference | LTC



Y-Corps is a yearlong service-learning program that asks students to perform at least 50 hours of community service, raise money for the Y’s scholarship fund, and advocate for the Y movement. In the summer, Y-Corps teams travel around Kentucky or a region of the United States performing service, staying at local YMCAs, and learning about the communities they serve:

  • Service to the Commonwealth
  • Service to the Midwest
  • Service to the North
  • Service to the South


Youth Advocacy Programs

Our Youth Advocacy programs in the Louisville community engage students in the local policymaking process and provide a year-round voice in leadership of their community:

  • Metro Youth Advocates | MYA
  • Youth Advocacy Leaders of Louisville | YALL


National Conferences

The Kentucky YMCA is one of 39 state programs of YMCA Youth and Government. Each year, Kentucky joins these state programs in sending delegations to multiple national conferences around the country:

  • YMCA Conference on National Affairs | CONA
  • YMCA National Judicial Competition | NJC
  • YMCA Youth Governors Conference
  • YMCA National Advocacy Days