KUNA Registration

Registration Deadlines

Below are the registration and financial aid deadlines for each session of the 2018 Kentucky United Nations Assembly.

Registration Questions – email nikkey@kyymca.org

KUNA 2018   Dates Location Fin. Aid Due Reg. Due
Middle School 1 Mar. 18-20 Crowne Thur. Jan. 25 Thur. Feb 8
Middle School 2 Mar. 25-27 Marriott Tue. Feb. 6 Tue. Feb. 20
Middle School 3 Mar. 25-27 Crowne Tue. Feb. 6 Tue. Feb. 20
High School 1 Mar. 4-6 Galt House Thur. Jan. 25 Thur. Feb. 8
High School 2 Mar. 11-13 Galt House Thur. Jan. 25 Thur. Feb. 8
High School 3 Mar. 22-24 Galt House Tue. Feb. 6 Tue. Feb. 20


How to Intent & Register

Advisors will be given an account on our Online Community where they will complete the following steps for KUNA Registration. If you do not have an account, please contact your Regional Staff Member. You should review the KUNA What to Expect Email as well.

1. Add Students & Adults to School Roster
Once you have received your login to the community, you’ll need to enter in the names – first and last, as well as preferred name if needed – and personal email addresses for your students. Each student will then receive an email with a link to the Delegate Info Form (adults receive a similar form), which they must submit to finish the process. Students who have not yet completed the Info Form will be indicated on your roster.

2. Student YMCA Membership (Optional)
We highly encourage all of our schools to become official Student YMCA Chapters by completing the membership process in the online community:

  • Membership is $10 per student, making them members of our Y and qualifying them for a $10 discount on each of our 4 major programs (KYA, KUNA, LTC and GFI).
  • Only Student YMCA Chapters with 100% delegation membership can have Candidates for Presiding Officer at KYA and KUNA.

3. Intent & Country Request for KUNA
Submit an Intent Form for KUNA through the online community to reserve your school’s space at KUNA and request the countries you wish to represent in order of preference. Countries will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis:

2018 High School KUNA Reserved Countries
2018 Middle School KUNA Reserved Countries

You must have more than 15 Ambassadors* in your delegation to request a second country, and the same ratio applies to additional countries (at 16 delegates you can request up to 2 countries, at 31 delegates you can request up to 3, etc.) Delegations can represent a maximum of 10 countries.

  • Countries can be represented by 1-30 Ambassadors.
  • No delegation may represent the same country 2 years in a row.
  • 5 Permanent Security Council Members: China, France, Russia, UK, and USA:
    • No delegation may represent a permanent member 2 years in a row.
    • No delegation may represent 2 permanent members at the same KUNA.
    • All 5 permanent members must have a delegate serving on the Security Council.

*Ambassadors do not include: Presiding Officers & Supporting Officers (except Committee Chairs), Candidates, Secretariat, ICJ, and Media Corps.

4. Begin KUNA Registration
Once your KYA Intent has been approved and registration has opened, Advisors can begin the KYA Registration process through the online community. The registration process will save as you go, so you can complete your registration over several days if needed. Save any relevant information including rooming, rosters, and resolutions outside of the Online Community; it will not be available after submission.

Online Community – KUNA Registration Walk-Through

5. Submit KUNA Registration & Mail Payment
After submitting your KYA Registration, you’ll receive an invoice for your payment. School Checks or Purchase Orders are preferred payment methods and must be received on/before the registration deadline to qualify for on-time registration. Fees are as follows:

$240 for Student Y Delegates
$250 for Non-Student Y Delegates

There is a $10 discount per student for on-time completed registration and payment.

$135 per Advisor (Shared Rooms) | $200 (Private Rooms – Limited Spaces)
For every 15 students attending KYA, you get $135 discount towards advisor fees (may not exceed number of advisors attending)

Fee includes Program Materials, Lodging, Day 2 Lunch & Dinner, and Day 3 Breakfast.


Forms for Students & Adults

In addition to the registration process on our Online Community, your students and adults will also need to review the following forms:

1. Financial Aid
Need-based financial aid is available. To be considered for financial aid, a student and parent or guardian must fully complete the Financial Aid application by the deadline for your respective KUNA (see chart at top of page):

Financial Aid Application

2. Supporting Officer Application
In addition to our KUNA Presiding Officers, each program area also has Supporting Officers. These positions are either appointed by the Presiding Officers, or application-based. Students can apply for an application-based Supporting Officer positions using the link below (check the KUNA Officers page to see which positions require applications):

KUNA SO Application
Application Period: January 1 – 18, 2018
Selections Announced: January 25, 2018

3. Candidate Declaration
If your school has a Presiding Officer Candidate (only delegations with 100% Student YMCA membership can have candidates), he/she must submit the online Candidate Declaration by the registration deadline for your KUNA. Candidates must also bring their signed Commitment Form to the Candidates Meeting at KUNA:

Candidate Declaration (Due by KUNA Registration) – Coming Dec. 2017
Commitment Form (Print, Sign & Bring to KUNA)

4. Code of Conduct & Health/Safety Form
Have all Students and Adults print & sign their respective Code of Conduct & Health/Safety Form to bring to the Assembly (Do NOT fax or mail them):

Student Safety & Code of Conduct Form
Adult Safety & Code of Conduct Form