Y-Corps Overview

Y-Corps is a service-learning program for students who want to make a difference in their communities and around the Commonwealth and country. The program incorporates the 4 types of service we emphasize at the Y: direct service, indirect service, philanthropy, and advocacy.

Participants are required to perform 50 hours of direct/indirect service in their local communities, perform philanthropy by fundraising for our Scholarship Fund, and advocating for the Y-Corps teams with donors and individuals they meet during their experience.

The program culminates with an 8 to 10 day service trip around Kentucky or the Midwest, Northern, or Southern US (depending on the team). To view the states each team can potentially serve, visit our Y-Corps Service Area Map:

Service to the Commonwealth I July 10-17, 2016
Service to the Commonwealth II July 22-30, 2016
Service to the Commonwealth III July 31 – Aug. 7, 2016
Service to the South July 9-17, 2016
Service to the Midwest July 22-31, 2016
Service to the North July 23-31, 2016

Participants in the program form a cohort of passionate young people from across the state who have been exposed to the wide range of cultures, strengths, and needs that make up our Commonwealth and country.

Through a combination of hard work, cultural experiences, travel, self-discovery, and reflection, Y-Corps extends the Y’s mission into communities throughout our Commonwealth and beyond.



Direct & Indirect Service

All Y-Corps participants are expected to perform at least 50 hours of direct community service, including a project as part of Global Youth Service Day. Students are encouraged to work together on projects, and may collaborate with their fellow team members, Student Y members, or other organizations in their schools and communities.

All service hours must be reported using MobileServe or they will not be counted towards your total!

2016 Service Deadline (At least 50 Reported Hours):
Tuesday June 14, 2016



All funds raised by Y-Corps participants go directly to the KY YMCA Scholarship Fund, so each participant is expected to raise a certain number of scholarships depending on their years of Y-Corps experience:

Year in Y-Corps   Minimum Scholarship Goal
1st Year 4 Scholarships (Total of $500)
2nd Year 6 Scholarships (Total of $750)
3rd Year 8 Scholarships (Total of $1,000)
4th Year & Captains 10 Scholarships (Total of $1,250)
2016 Fundraising Deadlines:
At least 50% of Goal – Sunday, April 17, 2016
At least 100% of Goal – Sunday, June 5, 2016



To be effective at service and philanthropy, our Y-Corps members first hone their skills as advocates, both on behalf of the YMCA as well as on behalf of their Y-Corps teams. Storytelling is a foundational element of our advocacy training, and requires our students to consider their own Y stories, those of others, and how they can make their stories relevant and meaningful to those around them.