Chapter Resources

Chapter Resource Folder

Use our online Student Y Chapter Resources folder to download and create everything you’ll need to successfully recruit, train, and administer your chapter throughout the year:

Chapter Resources Folder (Click Here)


MobileServe Resources

All chapters will report service using the MobileServe mobile app. To assist chapter officers and advisors, we have set-up MobileServe Webinars throughout the fall to review the functions and processes for effectively reporting your service:

RSVP for MobileServe Webinars

MobileServe Admin Webinars
Monday, October 17 – 3:00-4:00 ET
Thursday, October 27 – 4:00-5:00 ET

MobileServe User Webinars
Thursday, September 29 – 3:00-4:00 ET
Wednesday, October 193:30-4:30 ET
Monday, October 244:00-5:00 ET


How to Start a Student Y Chapter

Ready to start a Student Y chapter? Here’s a step-by-step guide, which is also available as a PDF that you can print and review: How to Start a Student Y (PDF)

I am a Student… I am a Teacher…
1. Recruit Founding Members 1. What’s an Advisor?
Find 2-4 other students at your school who will work with you to found your Student Y and help accomplish the tasks outlined below. Advisors serve as mentors and facilitators for their Student Y Chapters. They work with our KY YMCA Regional Staff to coordinate their chapters throughout the year.
2. Find an Advisor (Age 21+) 2. Talk to Your Principal
Start with teachers, but also consider administrators or volunteers. Schedule meetings starting with your first choice, and once you’ve identified an advisor, have them contact us! Meet with your Principal or Administration to make sure they are supportive of the program and your role as an Advisor. If you need help with this process, be sure to contact your Regional Director!
3. Talk to Your Principal 3. Recruit Founding Members
Once you’ve identified an Advisor, schedule a meeting with your Principal or Administration to talk about the program. If you need help getting the support of Administration, contact your Regional Director. While there are many ways to recruit (see #4), it helps to start with a team of students whose energy can build and shape your Student Y. These can be students from your own classes, or students your colleagues recommend from around the school.

4. Chapter Planning Meeting
During this meeting, your Founding Members and Advisor should set goals and action steps for what you hope to accomplish in your first year. Each chapter decides what works best for their members, but here are some common goals for first-year chapters:

  • Send your Chapter Officers to the Regional Roundup in your region (Held each Fall)
  • Attend KYA and/or KUNA – set a goal for the # of students you want to bring
  • Plan a fundraiser to help lower the cost of attending KYA and/or KUNA
  • Plan your first Chapter Service Project
  • Set a goal for the # of service hours by chapter members during the year
  • Encourage members to attend GFI and LTC – set a goal for the # of members
  • Encourage members to apply for Y-Corps – set a goal for the # of applications

5. General Chapter Recruitment
There are lots of ways to recruit, but here are the ones we see most often:

  • Class/School Visits – Your Regional Director is happy to come to your school and do a circuit – we can speak to each period of a class every student is required to take, speak to a specific set of classes (Social Studies Classes, Foreign Language, etc.), or present to the whole school, assembly-style.
  • Interest Meeting – Set a date and time for a before or after-school Interest Meeting. Spread the word via posters, flyers, and word of mouth – make sure to be mentioned on morning/afternoon announcements! Invite your Regional Director to speak at your meeting.
  • Pilot Group – Select a few students you know and trust to pilot the program
  • Merge with Existing Group – Does your school have an existing service, debate, or politics-focused organization? Consider using the Student Y model to engage their leadership skills and develop a passion for service!

6. Officer Elections
Once you’ve completed recruitment, you can either appoint your founding members as Chapter Officers for your first year, or hold Chapter Elections open to your newly recruited members. The Y recommends that you elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as a Service Chair and Public Relations Chair if you have the capacity or need to add more leadership opportunities.

7. Affiliation Form & Member Fees
After choosing Chapter Officers, submit the Student Y Affiliation Form and send your Member Fees ($10 per Student) to the KY YMCA Office (Check/Money Order is best).


Student Y Officer Positions

All Student Ys can choose which youth officer positions will best serve their club, however we’ve provided examples of what these roles can look like.  The KY Y encourages all officer positions to be in place by the end of September each year.  These positions can be combined as seen fit by the club. In order to recognize the amount of hard work that every Student Y completes throughout the year, officer communication with advisors and KY Y staff is extremely important.

By maintaining consistent communication with advisors and the KY YMCA, youth officers will help their club have fun, stay organized, keep track of service and participation, and keep the service goal of Student Y at the forefront of the club.



If the Student Y club is established, the president should be an experienced Student Y member willing to commit their time to the betterment of the members, school and community.  The president will take on the role of working with the advisor and other officers to plan meetings, ensure that deadlines are met, and chair each meeting.


  • Work closely with advisor to communicate Y staff messages to youth members
  • Schedule meetings for the year
  • Work with other officers to set goals and tone for the club
  • Make sure deadlines are met for service reports and KYA and KUNA registration
  • Create agenda for each meeting
  • Chair each meeting

*Clubs may choose to have a Vice President



The secretary will work closely with the President and advisor to set service and registration deadlines for the year.  This person will capture all notes from the meeting and report out to members who are unable to attend.


  • Set deadlines
  • Record and send out meeting minutes
  • Track attendance



The treasurer is responsible for maintaining Student Y dues, ensuring that KYA and KUNA members are up to date on their registration fees, and planning fundraising for the club


  • Assist advisor with collecting Student Y dues and contact information
  • Help advisor organize KYA and KUNA payment database
  • Plan fundraising events for Student Y


Service Chair

The Service Chair is responsible for gauging the passions of all members in the club to form agreement around the local service project in the fall and the global project in the spring.  This person should utilize the KY YMCA website to make sure service resources are being used.


  • Work with youth members to form local and global projects
  • Utilize service resources from
  • Complete service report forms
  • Work with closely Public Relations Chair to receive pictures and media for service report forms


Public Relations Chair

The Public Relations Chair will function as a communication director, school representative and KY YMCA liaison. This student will be responsible for photo/video documentation to be included in all service reports, as well as documentation of Student Y participation in KYA/KUNA and other community programs. This media may then be distributed via school-approved Twitter accounts, school newspapers and local news outlets.


  • Photo documentation of meetings, events, service and conference participation
  • Blogging for KY YMCA, school news source and local news source
  • Optional: managing club Twitter/Instagram/Facebook page to promote service, recruitment and opportunities