Youth Governors Report

Report Overview

Of the 613 bills that were written, sponsored and debated by our student delegates during KYA 2016, our High School Youth Governors signed 54 of them into law.

The Youth Governors Report lists each of these 54 bills by both title and school, and organizes them into policy areas for presentation and consideration by their respective House and Senate Committees.

Read the full report – Youth Governors Report (Click Here) – and download the full text of each bill signed into law by clicking on the title of the bill below:



To mandate an Active Shooter Situation Training for all faculty/staff in all public schools. Barbourville HS
To end requiring students with Functional Mental Disabilities to drop out of high school Breckinridge Co. HS
To allow EpiPens on person on school grounds. Butler Trad. HS
To require Kentucky public schools to stock life-saving epi-pens without a prescription Corbin HS
To improve the mental health of students in Kentucky Daviess Co. HS
To mandate that school districts provide one ESL Instructor for every 40 ESL Students Elizabethtown HS
To ensure educational accountability of homeschool students enrolling in public schools. Hart Co. HS
To equalize all public school grading scales Hazard High School
To restructure teacher retirement plans and convert lottery proceeds to fund teacher pensions Henderson Co. HS
To require self defense to be taught in the PE curriculum. Montgomery Co. HS
To expand the existing summer food program in public schools. Oldham Co. HS
To extend the public school health curriculum to include sexual abuse education. Owensboro HS
To revise sex education policies in the state of Kentucky. P.L. Dunbar HS
To include Student Voice in SBDM and School Council decisions Sacred Heart Aca.

Energy & Environment


To require county and municipal water utilities to replace chloramine with chlorine Henderson Co. HS
To allow State Parks to charge an entry feel to any and all persons/vehicles entering the park. Lex. Christian Aca.
To stimulate Kentucky’s economy through a renewable portfolio. Oldham Co. HS
To create state incentives for the purchase of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles Taylor Co. HS
To establish labeling of all pesticides and herbicides used during cultivation of any food product. Western Hills HS

Healthy & Family Services


To expand terminally ill patients’ access to experimental drugs, biological products, and devices duPont Manual HS
To ban practicing conversion therapy on minors. East Carter HS
To require patients receiving mammograms to be informed if they have dense breast tissue. Elizabethtown HS
To strengthen and change the Family and Medical Leave Act Presentation Aca.
To prohibit conversion therapy on all minors. Warren East HS

Justice & Public Safety


To abolish the Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes in Kentucky Assumption HS
To allow a vote on an initiative authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Barren Co. HS
To implement a computerized Kentucky Animal Abuse Registry Bluegrass HLC
To create appropriate charges for teen sexting. Boyd Co. HS
To legalize the production of medical cannabis to be prescribed by physicians to patients Campbellsville HS
To institute a “Breaking Chains” program Central HS
To legalize prostitution in government-regulated brothels duPont Manual HS
To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Frankfort HS
To legalize the practice of physician assisted suicide for adults with terminal illnesses Glasgow HS
To lower the minimum age to obtain a permit license Henry Clay HS
To legalize prostitution in Kentucky Henry Clay HS
To alter and increase regulations on the purchase, sale, and usage of firearms Henry Clay HS
To require public on-line polls on state legislation. Lex. Christian Aca.
To reduce the rate of serial sexual offenders in Kentucky. Louisville Holy Cross
To fix the flaws of the Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Legislation Marshall Co. HS
To require parents/guardians to report missing children within 24 hours of disappearance. McCracken Co. HS
To legalize Physician Assisted Suicide North Oldham HS
To legalize the medicinal and limited recreational use of marijuana. Pleasure Ridge Park
To require the option of organ donation to inmates sentenced with capital punishment Sacred Heart Aca.
To establish a child abuse registry Scott Co. HS
To eliminate Kentucky narcotics possession charges in favor of rehabilitation St. Xavier HS
To recognize substance abuse during pregnancy as child abuse Taylor Co. HS
To increase punishment on Animal Abuse charges. Thomas Nelson HS
To implement same day voter registration. Warren Central HS
To require psychological background checks for all purchasers of firearms in Kentucky. Williamstown HS

Labor & Economic Development


To combat rising unemployment through expanded job training in growing job sectors. Belfry HS
To provide a tax credit related to the development and posting of an open source or free license Bryan Station HS
To implement Right-to-Work laws in Kentucky Daviess Co. HS
To eliminate forced unionization of Kentucky workers by employers Gatton Aca.
To improve Kentucky’s infrastructure through increased and refocused funding Henry Clay HS
To cut corporate taxes to reduce unemployment. P.L. Dunbar HS