Supreme Court

Judicial Overview

HS Only | Grades 10-12
1 team of up to 3 students per delegation

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There are a limited number of spaces for Judicial teams at each KYA, reserved on a first-come, first-served basis when schools submit their KYA Intent Form.

The Judicial Program is a moot court competition where students serve as advocates presenting oral arguments before the KYA Supreme Court made up of 7 student Justices.

Working in teams of up to 3 students (1 team per delegation), delegates prepare oral arguments to present before student and professional Justices on the second day of the Assembly in the actual chambers of the Kentucky Supreme Court.

When not presenting oral arguments, delegates advise the Attorney General on the constitutionality of bills passed by the House and Senate. These advisory opinions will be presented to the Governor when reviewing bills to sign or veto.


Delegate Roles

All judicial delegates serve as advocates who argue a case before the Kentucky Supreme Court. Advocates present the facts and interpretation of their assigned position on the case. Y-Staff will assign each team their case and position in the fall, 30 days prior to their KYA.


Supporting Officers

Justices (6)
Chosen by Judicial Program  | Open to Experienced Advocates Gr. 11-12

Six Justices are appointed to serve on the KYA Supreme Court, and serve as supporting officers to the Chief Justice. The process for selecting Justices will now be moved to an application process each fall. Selection will be based on strength of written application, previous performance in program, and ability to complete officer requirements.

  • Must attend Supporting Officer Training prior to KYA
  • Must review and understand their assigned case in addition to preparing lines of questioning for the applicants and respondents on the case.
  • Justices will act as leaders for the KYA, helping lead scoring during oral arguments and deliberations.



Presiding Officers

Chief Justice
Chosen from Judicial Program

  • The Chief Justice presides over the Supreme Court and leads fellow Justices on the bench during oral arguments.
  • The Chief Justice is appointed at the end of each KYA to serve the following year.

Attorney General
Chosen from Judicial Program

  • The Attorney General presides over the Constitutionality Room at KYA, working with advocates to determine the constitutionality of bills passed by the House and Senate.
  • The Attorney General is appointed at the end of each KYA to serve the following year.


Assembly Agenda

Program Area Meeting | Day 1
All Judicial delegates meet the Justices and Program Coordinator to review the agenda, oral argument schedule, constitutionality room process, and other program components.

Professional Mentorship | Day 1
Advocate teams have the opportunity to work directly with law students, attorneys, and legal professionals in preparation for their oral arguments.

Oral Arguments – Hotel & Capitol | Day 2
Advocate teams will have several opportunities to present oral arguments against teams from other delegations in front of both KYA Justices as well as volunteer legal professionals. Advocates will present oral arguments both at the hotel as well as at the Capitol, with the order depending on which tag (Red/Blue) your delegation is assigned.

Constitutionality Room | Day 2
When Advocates are not presenting oral arguments, they will work with the Attorney General in the Constitutionality Room to draft advisory opinions on the constitutionality of legislation in the Commonwealth House and Senate. If a bill is passed by both the House and Senate, the Attorney General will present the advisory opinion on that bill to the Governor.

Oral Argument Showcase | Day 3
After all preliminary rounds of oral arguments are complete, 4 individual advocates (from 4 different teams/delegations) will be selected as Outstanding Advocates. They will be paired together – 2 representing each side of the case – to present oral arguments during the Showcase Round on the final morning of KYA.



Outstanding Advocate Team
Awarded to the highest ranking appellate and appellee advocate teams based scores from 3 rounds of oral arguments as determined by student justices and legal professionals.

Outstanding Advocates (4)
Based on their performance and scoring by justices/legal professionals during preliminary rounds of oral arguments, 4 advocates will be selected as Outstanding Advocates to participate in our Judicial Showcase on the final morning of KYA.

Judicial Showcase Winners
Based on the final opinion and scoring of our KYA Supreme Court, the two Outstanding Advocates representing one side of the case will be named the winners of the Judicial Showcase.