Campaigns & Elections

Campaign Overview

Once you have reviewed the process and guidelines outlined on the Candidates page, please use the information below to plan your campaign. Your campaign will include the following components:

  • Campaign Platform
  • Campaign Materials
  • Campaign Team


Campaign Platform

As a candidate, you will form your campaign around your platform – three (3) issues that you will work to address while serving as a Presiding Officer. These three issues must include:

  1. An issue that affects the candidate’s community service interests.
  2. An issue that affects the candidate’s local community.
  3. An issue that affects the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a whole

Candidates will submit their platform as part of the online Candidate Declaration, and must display the platform on their Tri-fold Board.

Campaign Materials

At KYA, Candidates will be permitted the use of three (3) types of materials to use during their campaigns. No candidate can spend more than $50 on these materials, including the retail value of items donated from any person or organization:

  1. Tri-fold Board (3ft x 5ft)
  2. Business Cards (500 max)
  3. Speech (2 min)

No other items or promotional materials will be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: pens, buttons, t-shirts, adhesive stickers, gum, candy, games of chance, giveaways, face painting, and items restricted by the hotel.  Social media outlets can be used by students for their campaign, but may not be paid for; this includes Snapchat Geo Filters, Facebook Ads, or other promotions. Students may not be endorsed by politicians or other partisan groups. Finally, students may not campaign in the voting area during elections on the second night. 

  1. Tri-fold Board (3ft x 5ft)
    • Must display your full campaign platform – be as creative as possible when choosing how to display it!
    • Should display a photo of yourself that follows the Dress Code and Code of Conduct guidelines for KYA and your school.
    • Can be handmade, professionally designed, professionally printed, or any combination thereof.
    • Boards can contain props that are attached.  Props unattached to the board will be asked to be removed.
    • Boards CANNOT contain any electronic or battery-powered items, including but not limited to lights, screens, laptops, or any electronic items that might be displayed on the table in front of your board.
  2. Business Cards (500 Max)
    • Should not exceed the standard business card size of 3.5” x 2”.
    • Maximum of 500 cards per candidate
    • We recommend that your cards features your platforms and/or slogan.
    • Cards cannot be placed or left in any area of the hotel except beneath your Tri-fold Board – candidates or their campaign teams must personally hand out the cards to potential voters.
    • Cards cannot be worn in front of the name tags
  3. Speech (2 minutes)
    • Candidates will give a speech of up to 2 minutes on the first day of the Assembly. This should be written by the candidate prior to KYA.
    • Bring a copy of your speech to the Candidates Meeting on Day 1 of KYA for review by Y Staff.
    • At least 1 minute of the speech should be devoted to discussing your campaign platform and how you intend to address each issue.
    • No speech should contain a call and response with the audience.
    • If you advance to the final round of candidates, you will be asked to give a speech (also up to 2 minutes) before the final election.


Campaign Team

One of the most important parts of any successful campaign is building your team. This begins with your own school/delegation, and grows from there.

  • Campaign Manager
    • Each Candidate may appoint a Campaign Manager, who shall be responsible for helping publicize and promote the candidate.
    • No Presiding or Supporting Officer can be a Campaign Manager during the KYA at which he or she holds office.
    • Campaign Managers have NO special privileges, and may not leave their assigned room to travel with the candidate during debate.
  • Supporter Guidelines
    • In debate, only Candidates themselves may identify themselves as such – “John Doe, Candidate from Any School”
    • Any supporters will be called out of order for saying, “Jane Doe, representing Any School, home of Candidate John Doe.”
    • Supporters may not wear buttons representing a candidate.
    • Supporters may not participate in a call and response during the candidate’s speech.
    • Failure by a Candidate or his/her delegation to conduct a campaign in an appropriate manner can result in the Candidate being removed from the ballot.


Violations & Disqualifications

A warning will be issued following the first violation of the guidelines listed above. If a second violation occurs, the Candidate’s school will lose voting privileges, and the Candidate may be disqualified at the discretion of the Kentucky YMCA Staff.