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The United Nations Secretariat is one of the principal organs of the United Nations and serves as its executive branch. The Secretariat has an important role in setting the agenda for the UN’s deliberative and decision making bodies, and the implementation of the decisions of these bodies.

At KUNA, the Secretariat will consist of seven (7) Under-Secretaries-General who advise the Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General on both policy and legal issues related to each UN Resolution being debated by the General Assembly.

These USGs are application-based Supporting Officer positions who are selected in consultation with their respective Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General.


Supporting Officers

Under-Secretaries-General (7)
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  • The 7 Under-Secretary-General (USG) positions include five (5) Under-Secretaries-General in a policy advisory capacity and two (2) Under-Secretaries-General for Legal Affairs.
  • Must attend Supporting Officer Training 1 prior to KUNA.
  • USGs work to either analyze the policy implications of KUNA Resolutions (5 policy-based USGs), or make determinations regarding the legal status of each KUNA Resolution (2 legal affairs USGs).


Presiding Officers

Secretary General

Deputy Secretary General