Media Corps

Media Corps Overview

HS Only | Grades 10-12
1 Student per Delegation

Media Corps Resource Folder
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Each High School KUNA delegation can select 1 student to serve as a Media Corps delegate (delegations can choose the manner in which they select their Media delegate).

Being a member of the Media Corps offers hands-on practice crafting compelling stories on important policy topics. Media Corps members regularly publish their stories outside of the conference in local or school newspapers, blog sites and video platforms.

Media delegates are encouraged to bring laptops and video or still cameras with them if at all possible, though the YMCA is not responsible for any damage, loss, or any other mishap that may occur to these materials.


Delegate Roles

Media Delegate
Media Corps delegates attend initial media trainings on the first night and then choose a specific form of media to work with throughout the Assembly: print media, social media, photojournalism, or video production. Media delegates also select the topics they want to cover, such as debate proceedings, profiling candidates, and reporting on policy issues in Committees, Summits, and General Assembly.


Supporting Officers

Assistant Editor(s)
Apply Here | Open to all Media Corps Delegates

  • Assistant Editors are appointed to support the Media Corps in a specific form of media such as video production or photography.
  • Assistant Editors are required to attend the Supporting Officer Training designed for Media Corps Officers prior to KUNA.


Presiding Officer

Chosen by Media Corps

  • The Editor-in-Chief presides over Media Corps, helping lead training sessions and guiding editorial decisions throughout the Assembly.
  • The Editor-in-Chief is appointed at the end of each KUNA to serve the following year.


Assembly Agenda

Program Area Meeting | Day 1
All Media delegates meet with the Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editors, and Program Coordinator to review the agenda, reporting and interview assignments, assembly video, and other program components.

Global Village Reporting | Day 1
During Global Village, Media delegates report on the various Global Village Booths and speak to the Ambassadors from each country.

Candidate Interviews | Day 1
In addition to reporting on committees, Media delegates will also interview candidates for both KUNA Presiding Officer positions. Interviews will be collected and published before polls open for voting. 

Reporting Assignments | Day 2
Throughout the remainder of the Assembly, all Media delegates will be given various reporting assignments to cover for the Media Corps. This includes program area assignments like resolution debate, Security Council, and International Court of Jutice, as well as program culture and Assembly activities. Delegates will also be assigned to photograph various parts of the Assembly and engage with delegates through social media.

Assembly Video | Day 3
On the final day of the Assembly, the Media Corps will showcase its photography and videography during the Assembly video displayed during Closing Ceremonies. The video will be made available online to all delegates following the conclusion of the Assembly.



Outstanding Media Delegates
Awarded to the Media Corps member who puts forth the most effort, displays genuine teamwork, produces quality reporting and journalism, and behaves in a manner exemplifying the Y’s four core values.