Global Village Booth

Global Village Overview

Each school will be given a booth in the Global Village to set up a display representing their school’s country/countries. The Global Village takes place on the first evening of the Assembly, and will serve as your chance to showcase the culture and unique identity of your country or countries. Students are encouraged to learn one or two greeting phrases in their country’s native language to exchange as they visit Global Village booths.

All KUNA participants will be given a chance to tour the Global Village, stopping at the various booths to learn interesting facts about the nations represented by each school. Their tour will be guided by a passport that students can have stamped at each booth.


Booth Requirements

  • Each school will be permitted ONE Global Village Booth space, regardless of the number of countries you are representing. If your school is representing multiple countries, it is your discretion to use your booth to represent one, some, or all of your countries.
  • Country Signs & Flags should be incorporated as part of your display when they are not being used during the Parade of Nations.
  • Your booth may be 8 ft. wide by 10 ft. deep, and there will be a table provided (approx. 3 ft x 6ft) for you to incorporate as part of your display.
  • There are no height restrictions, but there are limited spots are available for booths that exceed 8 ft in height, or require electrical outlets. Please indicate special needs (i.e. height requirements, electrical outlet, etc) in the appropriate place on your KUNA Registration Form in order to best guarantee those needs are met.
  • Note that extension cords will not be provided, so please plan to bring your own if required for your display.
  • No food or beverage items are permitted.
  • No henna or face/body paint of any type is permitted.

Note: Global Village Displays must be made and assembled by students. If a display requires adults to assemble it, or if it was built primarily by adults, it will not be in the running for Best Global Village Booth