Country Signs & Flags

Displaying Country Signs & Flags

Delegations should bring their country’s flag (or flags, for those representing multiple countries) to be carried along with the respective Country Sign in the Parade of Nations during Opening Ceremonies.

Each school should select only two (2) students per country to participate in the Parade of Nations – one student to carry the Country Flag, and one student to carry the Country Sign.

Following the Parade of Nations, all Signs and Flags should be incorporated into your school’s Global Village Booth.


Country Flag Guidelines

Flags may be purchased or made by hand. Schools are encouraged to borrow from schools that represented their country previously (The KY YMCA office has a flag bank for this purpose).


Country Sign Guidelines

The Country Sign is a creatively designed sign displaying the country’s name that is carried in the opening Parade of Nations. Country Signs must be carried by only ONE person during the Parade of Nations to be eligible for awards.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of last year’s Country Signs in our KUNA 2014 Facebook Albums: