KUNA Awards

Awards & Recognitions

The Kentucky YMCA Youth Association presents awards on the final morning of the conference in an effort to recognize and reward the achievements of our Ambassadors and Advisors. Awards are decided upon through Advisor and Volunteer nominations and Y-Staff observations.

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Delegation of Excellence

Presented to all delegations who meet the following standards:

  • Delegation award recipients excel in the areas they choose to participate. Their work embodies the spirit and purpose of the conference. (Participation in every program is encouraged but not required.)
  • Delegation meets all conference requirements, including: on-time, complete registration, full caucus participation, and on-time submission of nomination forms.
  • No major disciplinary issues (at discretion of Y-Staff)


Delegation Awards

Outstanding Delegation
Awarded to a Delegation of Excellence with the highest quality of participation, level of preparedness, and behavior exemplifying the Y’s four core values.

Outstanding Statesmanship
Awarded to a Delegation of Excellence nominated by the Advisors as having the highest overall quality of contribution to debate.

Conference Life Award
Awarded to a Delegation of Excellence who created a positive environment and embodied the spirit of the conference.

Best New KUNA Delegation
Awarded to a Delegation of Excellence who is also a first time delegation at KUNA with the highest quality of participation, level of preparedness, and behavior exemplifying the Y’s four core values.


Country Representation Awards

Outstanding Country Representation
Awarded to the country who best represents their culture and through their Resolution, Global Village Booth, Cultural Attire, Country Sign, and participation in debate.

Outstanding Resolution Packet
Awarded to the delegation whose Resolutions demonstrate the highest level of preparation, presentation, and relevance based on advisor nominations and student ranking.

Outstanding Resolution
Awarded to the Country and Authors with the most innovative, well-researched,and thought-provoking resolution based on Advisor nominations and student ranking.

Additionally, Resolutions can also be honored with the following awards:

Endorsed by Secretary General – Resolutions that, after being passed in Summits or General Assembly and brought to the Secretary General, were endorsed as part of the platform of the Secretary General.

Secretary General’s Choice – A Resolution chosen by the Secretary General to be debated in General Assembly on the basis of high ranking, passage in Summit, audience with the authors, and importance to debate with an American perspective.

Delegates’ Choice (2) – Resolutions selected by countries to be debated in General Assembly on the basis of Committee performance and importance to the global community.

Passed by Summits – Resolutions recognized as approved by the UN after being passed by Summits.

Outstanding Global Village Booth
Awarded to the delegation who best represents their country’s or countries’ culture with a student designed and assembled booth.

Outstanding Cultural Attire
Awarded to the country that best represents their country through cultural dress within the Kentucky YMCA dress code. Attire handmade by students is preferred.

Outstanding Country Sign
Awarded to the country that best represents their country’s culture in the Parade of Nations with a student designed and assembled sign. The sign must be carried by only one student (alongside the student carrying the country flag) to be eligible for this award.

Outstanding International Stage Performance
Awarded to the delegation that best represents the culture and traditions of their country/countries with an International Stage Performance. This award is a peer choice award based on student votes.


Program Area Awards

Outstanding Security Council Member
Given to a member of the Security Council for outstanding presence and performance in Security Council sessions.

Outstanding Justice
Given to an ICJ delegate for their outstanding questioning and analysis while serving as a Justice. 

Outstanding Advocate
Given to an ICJ delegate for their outstanding preparation and presentation of their case as an Advocate.

ICJ Case Winners (2 Teams)
Given to the winning teams of both the Contentious and Advisory Cases heard by the International Court of Justice.

Outstanding Media Corps Delegate
Given to a member of the Media Corps based on his/her exemplary performance while reporting on the Assembly.

Outstanding Parliamentarian
Given to the student(s) who best uphold the duty of Parliamentarian (clerk and/or doorkeeper) by being prompt, respectful, helpful, accurate, and effective.

Outstanding Speaker
Awarded to the top Ambassadors most frequently nominated by Advisors and Y-Staff based on their presence and performance in Committees, Summits, and General Assemblies as well as behavior exemplifying of the Y’s four core values.

Outstanding Ambassador
Awarded to one or more Ambassador(s) per school nominated by Advisors and Y-Staff based on their presence and performance in Committees, Summits, and General Assemblies as well as behavior exemplifying of the Y’s four core values.