KUNA Advisors

Advisor Information

The Kentucky YMCA could not function without our outstanding Advisors. They function as coaches, mentors, and teachers to the members of their delegation and are essential to the smooth functioning of the conference.

They inspire and motivate, while allowing their students to take on leadership roles. Advisors are responsible for registration and supervision at conferences, but more importantly, Kentucky YMCA Advisors change teens’ lives every day.


Role Prior to Assembly

In preparation for KUNA, successful delegations often hold these types of meetings:

Informational meetings
Open to everyone (assemblies, class-wide presentations, etc.) and discuss Student Y and KUNA.

Club Interest meetings
Held for students interested in attending KUNA, as well as their parents to discuss broad goals, programs, and roles in which students can serve.

Resolution Workshops
Held for ResolutionAuthors or all KUNA Ambassadors to discuss how to generate proposal topics, write proposals, present proposals, and debate.

  • New delegations are strongly encouraged to hold these types of meetings.
  • Regional directors are available to facilitate preparation of and/or participate in any meetings.
  • Review the dress code thoroughly with your students prior to the conference.


Role at Assembly

New Advisor Orientation
This meeting is mandatory for first-time Advisors.

  • KUNA Overview: We will tell you where we need you to be when – the Y-Staff depends on Advisors to help run the conference.
  • Expectations: We will explain what we need from you at various times to make the conference run smoothly.
  • Contact: We will need a reachable cell phone number from at least one Advisor in each delegation.

All Advisor Meeting
This meeting is mandatory for first-time Advisors.

  • Recruitment of volunteers to fill conference roles.
  • Explanation of any conference changes.
  • Review Advisor Responsibilities

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Make sure participants are adhering to the conference schedule at all times.
  • Help control undertone during meetings from all Ambassadors, not just members of your delegation.
  • Enforce dress code for your participants.
  • Ensure participants know which Committees and Summits to attend.
  • May confiscate cell phones being used by participants during meetings. Phones will be turned over to Y-Staff to be picked up by the delegate’s advisor after that meeting or by the delegate at the end of the conference.
  • During free time, Advisors serve as dance monitors, hall patrol, etc.

Advisor Do’s & Don’ts
Advisors set the tone for all participants at the Assembly. 

DO: Know where your students are at all times, follow the dress code, respect delegates and other Advisors.
DON’T: Use computers, phones, headphones, etc. or talk loudly while participants are in sessions.


Student Incidences and Exceptions

Arriving Late

  • Y-Staff must be informed of late arrivals at check-in and again upon arrival of the delegate.

Leaving Early (for sickness or other reason)

  • Delegates must clear travel plans with Advisor and Y-Staff.
  • Parent/Guardian must check delegate out face-to-face with Advisor and Y-Staff, and provide valid photo ID.

Behavioral Incidents

  • If state or federal law is broken, Y-Staff will notify parent/guardian as well as law enforcement and the delegate will be dismissed from the program and sent home.
  • If code of conduct rule is violated, Advisors and/or Y-Staff may take disciplinary actions at their discretion, including, but not limited to:

Calls to parent/guardian
Incident report filled out, signed
Delegate sent home
School policies implemented